Innovative cost-effective environmental solutions
Earth Consult Limited was formed by Managing Director, Dr Brian Maunder in 1994. Brian is a scientist by profession with qualifications in pure and applied Geology, Botany and Microbiology from Canterbury University. Through his research into the fate of hydrocarbons in soil he became a pioneer in the fields of bioremediation and disposal of organic wastes to land.

Brian Maunder has 34 years experience in the consulting industry. Prior to establishing Earth Consult he was a Principal of a large New Zealand based consulting engineering and science firm where he was responsible for Environmental and Earth Sciences.

Brian has been directly responsible for the investigation, assesssment, remediation, soil validation, management and monitoring of many industrial, commercial, residential, horticultural and agricultural sites undergoing re-development as well as discharge consents, environmental management plans and monitoring for industrial and trade premises, environmental audits for compliance and due diligence.

He has advised local government on catchment management and the disposal of domestic wastewater to land and water and is technical adviser to two regional councils for geothermal consent applications.

Dr Maunder has presented expert evidence at a number of RMA Hearings, has prepared High Court evidence for legal defence and is an expert Hearings Commissioner for Auckland Council. He is a recipient of the Mobil Environmental Award and an invited speaker at conferences both in New Zealand and overseas.